Muse Brainwave-Reading Headband

What is Muse?

Muse is a flexible 4-sensor brainwave headband for everyday use. It’s specially designed to work with a family of applications with exercises for brain health, fitness training, stress management, studying and many more.Muse allows you to get the most out of the mental skills you already have, and to do more with your mind then you ever thought possible.

What does a brainwave-sensing headband do?

brainwave-sensing headband provides a real-time measurement of your brainwave activity. By connecting Muse to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth, you are able to see this activity in real time using one of our custom applications. You’re accessing technology used by doctors and specialists for years, right in the comfort of your home.

How does a brainwave sensor work?

It measures EEG signals from four forehead sensors and two tucked behind the ears, and sends those brain measurements to other gear via Bluetooth

EEG is used to track the electrical activity along the surface of the skull, to detect spontaneous activity by the neurons of the brain.

InteraXon has developed an app suite for mobile devices to showcase the headband’s capabilities, including thought-controlled games and brain tracking, exercise and fitness software for improving cognitive function, memory, attention and for reducing stress. That’ll come bundled with any purchased units, but an SDK is also available for third-party developers to explore other possibilities.


Muse brainwave-reading headband from Mohammad Asad on Vimeo


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