MyScript Stylus App – Use handwriting to input text

MyScript® Stylus Beta is an interactive handwriting recognition application that allows real-time text input on touch-screen devices designed for fingertip/stylus use such as mobile internet tablets or smartphones.

Step 1: Install a copy of the MyScript Stylus Beta from the Google Play Store.

Right now, the app is free. However, it is in beta, and could either remain free or go the same direction as the MyScript Notes Mobile app ($7.94) by adding a price tag. In other words, try it while it has the best price.

Step 2: After the install, tap on the MyScript Stylus icon in your app drawer to go through the enabling process. You’ll be prompted to download the language packs of your choosing, and then be given a quick link to your Settings area to enable the keyboard.

The MyScript Stylus keyboard in action. 

Step 3: Watch the gesture video. I could list all of the gesture shortcuts this keyboard offers to keep your writing quick and easy, but it’s probably a better idea if you watch its 90-second video demonstrating some of them.

MyScript® Stylus Beta key features
• The handwritten input is converted into digital text in real time in the active application.
• Editing capabilities:
MyScript® Stylus Beta recognizes intuitive gestures to:
Insert line breaks
Delete characters, words or sentences
Insert spaces
Join words
You can also overwrite a character to change it
Recognizes common Asian emoticons
• Horizontal scrolling:
To help users write long words and phrases, the writing area scrolls over progressively.
• Display mode:
MyScript® display orientation can be switched on the fly from portrait to landscape by simply rotating the handset.
• For each word, a list of alternative results appears in case the recognized word is not the expected one.

Source: Cnet

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