Honda has one time afresh hit the bull’s eye with the unveiling of the all new Honda City 2014 ; a sedan that gave Honda new heights and much required acknowledgement in this segment. It is the fourth generation of this premium sedan comprising of immense exquisiteness and lavishness. For the first time, ever since its inception, it would be commenced in diesel fuel trim along with the normal petrol models.

Honda City 2014

Honda City 2014

The deliveries of this highly anticipated sedan are supposed to commence by mid January 2014. Auto-freaks were curiously waiting for it, and when it finally arrived, there excitement and enthusiasm was on Cloud Nine.Honda1

founded on the new swing stage, the new Honda City 2014 displays the factual artistry of Honda’s. The business has entitled the exterior concept as Sleek Crossmotion with the sophisticated aforementioned Honda’s beliefs. It appears super sporty and its back conceive distinguishes it from Honda swing. Furthermore, for the first time, persons would observer an stimulating ‘H’ conceive in the all new Honda City. Its extravagant coupe like design in blend with One Motion styling changes it as show-stopper as far as examines are concerned.
The rear portion features a premium chrome strip with Honda’s symbol at the center. This time around, Its quite larger, bigger and sharper as claimed by Honda itself that it is the widest car in the entire class. Honda has extended the wheelbase by 50mm, thereby enabling a much spacious interior cabin, It won’t be wrong to say it looks more like one of its breed Accord this time. Honda4
Honda has come up with the most spacious cabin with ample legroom, headroom and shoulder room. It has assembled almost every comfort feature inside the cabin to maintain the plushness and aristocracy, that it is known for. The 2014 City will have LCD infotainment system with eight speakers for music lovers and four charging points for the convenience of almost every occupant. Additionally, it also gets features such as reverse parking camera, sunroof, cruise control, touch panel for air-con etc. which can turn any individual upside down.Honda3

Honda has countered the scenarios of constant increase in petrol prices as well as the inclination of people towards diesel cars quite efficiently by launching the fourth generation Honda City in diesel fuel trim as well. It is the first time that Honda City would be available with diesel fuel trim, sporting a 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel mill. This powertrain is also performing duties to Honda’s another entry-level sedan, Amaze. Apparently, Honda officials have also announced that the new City would have best in class fuel economy. In addition to this, its reduced weight would also contribute to better mileage.
Honda City 2014
The New Honda City 2014 is getting prepared in India meanwhile in Pakistan Honda is selling old 2009 model as brand new, not many people are aware of this upcoming model and buying all shape – be patient because new honda city 2014 is coming your way.
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