New POCO phone to launch next month the company confirms

POCO fans have eagarly been waiting for the successor to the first POCO F1 which gained immense popularity because of its pocket friendly price and flagship level specs. However, a new POCO phone is to launch next month according to the company.

New Poco phone Pocophone Phone

The company confirmed through a tweet.

The tweet clearly said:

We will launch our phone next month.

There have been a lot of rumored and unofficial leaks over the past year on what the new Pocophone might be be information has yet been confirmed officially.

Just a few days there was a leak that showed a new phone by the name of POCO X2 on a Geekbench listing on their site and although there is no official news about the leak, it is safe to assume that the new phone might be called the X2.

The Geekbench listing showed the POCO X2 just a few days before the company officially announced a new phone and it might be possible that it was in fact the upcoming POCO phone that the company was testing.

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The company also recently separated itself from the Xiaomi brand making Pocophone a brand of its own independent from Xiaomi.

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According to the company’s General Manager Manmohan, the next phone will have top end processror and large amount of RAM.

According to the company the new phone will be launched next month in February so we can expect it to be in markets by March. Although at this point the exact date is not know whether its early February or late February.

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