No. 1 ROM for QMobile i9 KitKat – TEASER

Once again INCPak is proud to present you guys with another amazing custom ROM. This time INCPak Team’s Senior Developer Syed Ahmed Ali Shah Sb. has successfully ported another custom ROM for QMobile i9 with great & smooth transitions and looks. Screenshots and some of the features are provided below:


Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-54-12 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-54-52 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-54-59 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-55-07 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-55-24 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-55-34 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-55-49 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-56-38 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-57-00 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-57-23 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-57-44 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-57-53 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-58-08 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-58-43 Screenshot_2014-12-27-15-59-40 Screenshot_2014-12-27-16-00-05 Screenshot_2014-12-27-16-00-38 Screenshot_2014-12-27-16-00-41


  • Smooth Transitions
  • Whole New Settings Appearance
  • Custom Online Themes
  • Increased Battery Time
  • Better RAM Management
  • Better Camera App
  • Ported from No.1 Plus Official ROM
  • Pre-Rooted
  • New Music Widget on Home Screen
  • Better Gallery App
  • New Notifications Bar
  • New Quick Settings

No. 1 ROM for QMobile i9 is only for KitKat Users. No. 1 ROM for QMobile i9 will be released after a few days. So, please be patient.


  • Syed Ahmed Ali Shah – For porting this ROM.
  • Ali Jee – For Creating this post and screenshots.
  • Farhan Imaan – For providing us a platform.
  • All INCPak Team.

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