OnePlus developing it’s own version of Airpods and Galaxy Buds

Apple Airpods that so many people have come to love might be getting new competition according to a tweet by Max J who happens to be very renowned for his smartphone leaks especially Samsung. According to the tipster, Max J, OnePlus is said to be working on its own version of a truly wireless earphones similar to the Airpods or Galaxy Buds.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is known for it’s high quality products at very reasonable prices compared to these top companies like Samsung or Apple. So it is only safe to assume that it’s new wireless earphones will have the same characteristics.

Although Max J. didn’t mention much in his tweet but it does seem to pointing to one thing, wireless earphones. All he wrote was 1+ with an image that had only a few words, “Relax. Workout. Listen without cords in your way. Call. Learn”

This is not the first time the company is developing a wireless pair of headphones as it already released it’s OnePlus Bullets and their followup, OnePlus Bullets 2. Although the bullet earphones have a neckband that goes behind your neck and this time, it’s rumored that OnePlus is coming out with something along the lines of Airpods or Galaxy Buds.

OnePlus wireless earphones airpods
The current OnePlus wireless Bullets.

The OnePlus bullets all have good reviews with everyone being happy with their quality and their price tag with them being much cheaper then any similar quality product by it’s competitors. It will be no surprise if the new wireless earphones by OnePlus receive the same reviews.

However, this is all still just a rumor and nothing is offiically confirmed as of now. Even the specs to the rumored earphones is still unknown and we don’t know whether it will have featured like active noise cancellation like the new Airpods pro or not.

We will likely see more news about this in the coming weeks.

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