Original KitKat for A900


Yes you are right, it’s Original KitKat for A900 :-D INCPak team member Jawad found this on Pittech Forum. It was actually developed for GM Discovery (A900’s Turkish clone) by burakgon and it’s working perfectly on A900 and other clones of it running on Chinese firmware.

Here are some screenshots of KitKat.

10380164_10202715943758161_425426064275810077_o10269161_10202715809474804_8742932573204170903_o10295291_10202715809394802_8321104314838496941_o 10264051_10202715806234723_4292096141579067143_o 1495142_10202715806434728_1840118735318101525_o10258154_10202715806594732_738457526142917468_o 

Download Links:

Original KitKat for A900


Installation Instructions:

Note: INCPak is not responsible if you somehow mess up with your phone. We don’t provide any kind of guarantee if you don’t follow proper step by step installation procedure. So follow all steps carefully and never skip any step.

  1. Download the file from the given link above.
  2. To flash this file your A900 must be rooted and have custom recovery installed. If your phone is not rooted kindly refer to this post for rooting procedure: http://www.incpak.com/tech/qmobile-a900-root-method-and-custom-recovery/
  3. For installing custom recovery in your phone kindly follow these steps:
    1. Download and install MTKtools from playstore
    2. Download CWMR from here: http://d-h.st/Sle
    3. Open MTKtools
    4. Select recovery update option
    5. Browse to your downloaded CWMR and apply it
    6. Now place the downloaded file (octarom_kk_discovery_1.zip) in the root of your SD card
    7. Turn off your phone
    8. Go to the recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Up + Power button at the same time
    9. First make a backup of your current ROM so if you mess up somewhere you can go back to your old ROM
    10. Select backup and restore and then select backup. Wait until its done
    11. Now go back and select Wipe/data or Factory reset
    12. Select wipe cache partition
    13. Now go to advanced and Wipe Dalvik Cache
    14. Go back to main menu of recovery mode
    15. Now select install zip from sd card
    16. Choose the file “octarom_kk_1.zip”
    17. Wait for 5-10 minutes for the ROM to flash completely.
    18. Once its done go back to main menu and reboot your phone
    19. Tada! Your device is running KitKat now :-D

Current Bugs:

None :D All bugs have been fixed by the original developer, so enjoy the KitKat :D


  • burakgon (for developing this Kitkat)
  • Jawad Naqvi (for finding this ROM and testing this ROM)
  • Syed Ahmed Ali Shah (for screenshots and testing this ROM)
  • Basit Nadeem (for making this Post)
  • Farhan Imaan (for providing INCPak platform)

// Click here for the original thread.//

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  1. Nothing Found error occurs in Link So plzzz give new link i really like this Rom …. Thank u In advance

  2. thanks for the post

    I got 1 error after rooting and flashing kikat my back camera not working only front camera is showing. I’ve backup the original and flash it back but it still not working.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Keep up the good work dudes.



  3. Dear all, plz use only the stock rom because all custom rom have bugs. u willnever satisfy bugy rom afterall u will hv to com back to stock again.

  4. how to go back on 4.2.1 i dont like this rom coz not abble to istall apps in memory card nd asphalt 8 is not installing in phone memory bcoz of insufficent storage

  5. Is this rom compatible with qmobile noir a20, both have same chipset and many other roms support both a900 and a20 simultaneously?

  6. This rom this absolutely a charm, but there’s only one problem that’s making me want to uninstall this is there’s no option to move applications to “SD Card” if somehow the developer fix this problem i would be so happy to keep this running on my phone. Thank You.

  7. Bhai jan..
    this room is not rooted..
    and i cant root it..
    superuser is installed.. i cant root .. neither i can remove super user without root..
    kindly help me :(

  8. Thanks for the nice ROM. but by imei number got erased. i tried to restore using mobile uncle but failed to restore. Also tried to restore via engineer mode but i got the message that ” not possible in user build” please help me in this issue.

    thank you.

  9. The apps are not able to write to the SD card. i know that Google made that change into the Kitkat it itself but i read on XDA developers and used every thing they provided to fix this but sadly i cant. i hope you can fix this SD card issue and i’ll happily Re install this ROM

  10. Salam to All friends.

    Plz don’t apply anything to your phone like flashing on a900, because I bricked two a900 phones. Most of a900 phones stuck in qmobile logo, if you are not rooted then you can claim warranty otherwise you will lose the phone.

    1. Dude If You Flash Accordingly Their Will Be No Problem At All. I m Using This Kitkat Rom On My A900 and Its Working Absolutely Fine With Bugs :P

  11. I have few questions regards this custom rom.

    Does the Google voice (that is integrated in google nexus 5) is available after installing this rom?

    How about camera improvements? is it enhanced by this rom? Features like “Photosphere” is available in this rom?

    Android Kitkat is very famous about its enhanced memory management and utilization of services. Will the overall performance is getting enhanced after getting this rom?

    Or this rom is just a skin over jellybean? (I really hope its not)

    I would be very glad if you compare this custom rom with traditional A900 (with jellybean) in a seperate section and contrast its enhancements.

    And thank you so much for such efforts. I am waiting for the defect fixes so that i can gets hands on this custom rom.

  12. ROM install kArNy k bAaD JeSy hi restart karo….screen blink kArNy lag jATi hY contiously….Anyone please is kA solution bAtAiN …

    1. Amir, Kuch Ghalat Kia Hay Apne Coz I m Using This Rom and Its Working Absolutely Fine. Bugs Are All Mentioned In Aboves Post.

      1. yAhi problem Z2 wALy ROM k sAtH b aA rAhA hY….currently main miui rom use Kar rAhA hOoN ..recovery main jA k factory reset or cache plus dalvik cache clear Kar k install Kar dEtA hOoN restart Kar k screen contiously blink hOTi hY…

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