Pak Cyber Attackers bombing Indian Cyber Space

Pakistani Hackers bombarding Indian Cyber Space since 28th June 2015 , PCA aka Pak Cyber Attackers started fresh attacks after Indian Hackers intervened into Pakistani Cyber Space by defacing couple of Pakistani websites after which Pak Cyber Attackers launched OpIndia .

Operation India Aka OpIndia launched is to remind India to stay in limits,  Pakistanis are highly talented although they are facing numerous issues like electricity shortage in Pakistan but still they are able to take down tons of Indian Government Official and business websites.

Cyber war between Pakistan and India is not new to anyone, One of the thick reason why Pakistani hackers deface / hack indian websites to remind them about the Indian Occupied Kashmir, Pakistani Hackers show their solidarity with Kashmiri brothers.

In a awake of this fresh attack by Pak Cyber Attackers, numbering total of  Total deface:150    Home Deface:4    Special Deface:65    Unique IP:33 in which  Most of the Indian Government websites has been restored, however majority of the business websites are still down.


OpIndia – The Latest Attack took place couple of hours back on 6th, July 2015 .

Since 28th June, 2015 nearly around 3000 websites has been hacked by Pak Cyber Attackers, The attacks continues on after some interval, Meanwhile Indian Hackers are not responding to these recent attacks.



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