Phone Not Connecting To PC – EASY FIX

Recently after upgrading my Phone (Infinix NOTE 2 X600 LTE) to XOS, I came across an issue that I was not able to connect my phone to PC. It failed to install the drivers giving an error relating to failure of MTP device installation. After a few hours of trying to install it automatically and downloading different driver packages from the internet I still failed to fix it. As a last resort I tried a method I did not try before mainly because I did not think it would work but to my surprise it did. These are a few simple steps that will help you fix this PC connection issue and they work on any device facing this problem which inlcudes all Infinix models (NOTE 2, ZERO 3, HOT NOTE, HOT 3 and HOT 2)

STEP 1 – Right Click on “My Computer” and Select Manage1

STEP 2 – Select Device Manager. After words look towards the right section. There you will see a list. Look for “Portable Devices”. There you will see your phone as “Unknown Device” or my your phone model (ex. Infinix X600 LTE). Right click on it and select “Update Device Driver”


STEP 3 – Select “Browse my computer for driver software”


STEP 4 – Select “Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer”



STEP 5 – Look for “Digital Media Devices” and click next. (You might not get this step which is normal. If that happens you will automatically be taken to STEP 6.


STEP 6 – Select “MTP USB Device” and click on NEXT.




STEP 8 – Go to my computer and open up the phone.

Hope this helped solve your issue.




  1. Hello, my system isn’t showing my phone under the portable devices. I’m still not able to connect with my pc

  2. my brother. God bless you real good… u just solved my long lasting problem, i dont even no how i got here… Ahh. u are bless. more wisdom, knowledge and understanding.. this issue i just solved tru ur tutorial has been a concern for the past 3 months now.. infact, am about to change my phone.

  3. Wow.
    Thank you very much. Your tutorial has helped to solve a major problem my wife has been having since she got her Infinix Note 2.

  4. Jazakallah, i was having same issue with Qmobile Z10 for 2 days, this is a perfect fix, thnx again

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