PTCL EVO LIMITLESS PACKAGES but for 6 months only

PTCL seems to be competiting with Zong this time, PTCL EVO LIMITLESS PACKAGES sounds great isn’t it but don’t get too excited because these package will last for 6 months after which it will be shrinked back.

PTCL EVO sales went down as Zong Mobile Wifi and Dongle showed up, 3G and 4G speed of Zong is way better than PTCL Charji  when it comes to the Speed and Performance, however the setback for Zong is that does not have 4G services in all the major cities of Pakistan so device will automatically switch to 3G Internet Speed like CharJi EVO

Zong Offered 48 GB monthly in 1500 rupees (Including all taxes) meanwhile, PTCL added additional taxes in the offer, though PTCL EVO Limitless Package are limited 300 GB per month which is more than enough for any user who uses Torrent on daily basis but after six months he will be disappointed.

Zong offers double volume which will end in December as well and packages will revert back to normal but still we are not confirmed about Zong’s mood to extend this package and compete with PTCL EVO Packages.

The Fact is nobody is interested to provide you the complete peace of mind, Packages for infinite time.

Major reason is the marketing, PTCL’s strategy is visible that they are trying to destroy the idols but they should have extended the period for one-year at least, It appears the entire excitement turned into sadness right after knowing that 300 GB will turn into 50 GB per month after six months.

Still those who wants to avail these packages, sharing the information below.

PTCL Offer Details

Subscribers purchasing or upgrading to CharJi EVO or EVO 9.3 devices before the 31st of October will receive exciting new low-cost, high-speed packages, valid for 6 months. With economical packages starting from as low as Rs. 1,000 and unlimited packages for only Rs. 2,000 per month, the new tariffs are designed to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.


Details of the new packages:

Product Line-Rent Volume Billing Mode Volume after
6 Months.
EVO 9.3 Rs. 1,000 15 GB Prepay/Postpay 10 GB
EVO 9.3 Rs. 1,250 40 GB Prepay/Postpay 25 GB
EVO 9.3 Rs. 1,699 60 GB Prepay/Postpay 30 GB
EVO 9.3 Rs. 2,000 Unlimited* Prepay/Postpay 50 GB
CharJi EVO Rs. 1,500 50 GB Prepay/Postpay 25 GB
CharJi EVO Rs. 2,000 Unlimited* Prepay/Postpay 50 GB

*Fair Usage Policy of 300 GB applies.
Additional usage at Rs. 0.15/MB & Rs. 100/GB on EVO 9.3 prepay & postpay respectively.
Additional 5 GB volume bucket for Rs. 500 on CharJi EVO.
Monthly line-rents are inclusive of all taxes.

Key Highlights

  • Economical packages as low as Rs. 1,000 per month for 6 whole months!
  • Heavy data users can now take advantage of unlimited packages for Rs. 2,000/month only.
  • Super-Fast CharJi EVO speeds of up to 36 Mbps on Downlink in Karachi,Lahore,Faisalabad,Multan Sialkot, Gujranwala,Islamabad & Rawalpindi.
  • Cruise with matchless speeds of up to 9.3Mbps with EVO coverage in 200+ cities.
  • Diverse portfolio of USB powered WiFi Wingles & Battery powered, portable MiFi Clouds.
  • Offer valid till 31st October, 2015.

Business Rules:

  • Standard device prices apply.
  • Existing subscribers are allowed to switch to these packages.
  • One time package conversion charges of Rs. 500 apply for existing subscribers switching to EVO 9.3 15 GB package only.
  • The discounted packages are valid for purchases of CharJi EVO and EVO 9.3 made before the 31st of October, 2015.
  • Monthly line-rents are inclusive of all taxes including WHT.
  • Packages tariffs are valid for 6 months.



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