PTCL Official website hacked Reminder by Sultan

PTCL Official Website Hacked once again by Pakistani Hacker Sultan, This time it’s the reminder for PTCL to  revise the Package and shared his request along with complain on the Official website of PTCL.

SULTAN completely smashed PTCL this time……  WARNING ISSUED ON THE WEBSITE !

 PTCL Official website HACKED



SULTAN’s Message


Message: The reason behind this hack is the revision of all broadband bundles. \ Weren’t we paying enogh for this?! \ Earlier you revised bundles and decreased data limit to 75GB from 100 GB (so called unlimited) and now you made it 30 GB :-o WTF -_-. \ I mean what would a user like me will do this with bundle? This is not even enough for browsing... Lets take my example, I’m an IT guy. I need internet all the time. I was using your wingle 9.3 unlimited package.. and I was working on Last stage of my project and suddenly my pakage was all consumed and my internet was disconnected. Didn’t apply your so called FUP. It was completely down and my project was nothing more than a wasted shitt */ I checked my evo statistics and it was 30GB consumed only. and my internet was down without any notification. \ this made me hack your website and let you know about my story But i’m damn sure there would be 100’s of evo users like me out there. So please.. ehsaas karo kuch awaam ka
Sultan.private @ ::

Check this :-

PTCL Official website



Pakistani Youth aren’t happy with the way PTCL has overhauled the 3G wingle Packages from 75GB and 50GB to  30GB monthly limited.



PTCL customers are responding on INCPak’s Post on INCPak Official Page.
This is certainly clear that, PTCL shouldn’t have revised the packages by reducing the volume, obviously for those who were using 50GB Wingle 3G Package requires to pay double cost.
Pakistani Hackers usually do not hack Pakistani Sites without any purpose, either it would be about the security concerns ” Reminder ” or the Message they want to convey like Sultan is has done once again.
There is no doubt about The Talented Pakistani Youth that they know what they want and what’s being done with them unjustified acts by revising policies, it wouldn’t be a surprize at all if  These hackers showed same soliderity and Unity against the Anti-Pakistan sentiments.
In the past ( GEO tv, Dunya News , ARY News and other Private Media websites were hacked ) specially in the election timing when they were making chunk of money out it.
PTCL must look forward to revise packages, least just the way they were before, instead of continue to torture Pakistani Youth !



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