Punjab Police wants a ban on PUBG in Pakistan

LAHORE: The Punjab Police wants a ban on the popular online multiplayer game PlayerUnknown’s Battlerounds (PUBG) following the suicide of teenagers who played the game.

Punjab police wants to ban online game PUBG.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Ashfaq Khan says that he has decided to write a letter to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the Federal investigation Agency (FIA) regarding a ban on the popular game PUBG.

According to the DIG, there have been two instances of suicide among teenagers playing the game and he thinks that the game must be banned now.

Earlier, the Lahore High Court had received petitions regarding the ban of the online game and directed the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to decide on the matter within six weeks.

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  1. With all due respect i am writing this to you, Pubg an online esports game for the first time in Pakistan is getting such an amazing response of public like many youngsters are playing this game and joining electronic esports as a career i believe.

    Pubgm is not just a waste of time or something youngster do in their spare time but this game is helping many youngsters to showcase their talent among all the countries of the world i mean people don’t know about esports, about how important esports is and how much youngsters can bring in their country from this particular game. I mean pubg is the reason why many youngsters are interested in esports now.

    You can see even other countries are accepting Pakistan as one of their competent i mean pubg recently gave servers to Pakistan 🇵🇰 besides many brands local and international are investing in this game.

    Recently Dew gamers arena was played particularly in Pakistan for that event our youngsters won millions details are attached here. Total Prize Pool – 20Million Pkr

    Also in spring split pubg invested almost 5 Million Pkr.
    Fall split registrations are on and it’ll bring another 5 Million or maybe more for us.

    And the top team “Free Style” is playing for 5Million Usd in Pubg Mobile World league.
    This is just a beginning of esports in Pakistan i mean look at arslan ash all the media pictured him as a hero, right? What if freestyle wins that world league won’t they also be considered as heros? 5million usd is no joke.
    There are many other games like Csgo, Cod etc. Brands invested so much in them too. Mountain dew invested 10m pkr in 2018 & 19 i can mention those details aswell or you can simply google this.

    Imposing a ban on pubg isn’t a wise decision at all, i can understand the loss of 3 youngsters but is it the game we should blame or the parents who allowed underaged kids to play a game which says “not suitable for young persons aged under 18” ??

    Trust me pubg is not a threat to anyone, i mean the ratio of students committing sucide because of education issue is way more than this are we looking forward to ban education in Pakistan??

    With all due respect kindly reconsider your decision. Thankyou
    Regards – Syed Ghulam Mustafa Bukhari

  2. ap logon ko go baan karna tha wo kya nhi i mean tik tok or yaah pubg toh pory dunya ka sath bth karny ka lya thi kindly ap yah baan na karain

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