Qmobile’s Conspiracy …………

Dear Qmobile fans !

There is a confusion between A6 ,A8 ,A9 , A10 & A11 , people are asking which one to buy and best for them , so today i will solve this confusion.

First of all compare  the these phones A6 ,A8 ,A9 , A10 & A11 . They all have same 512 mb of ram. ( i don’t how many more phones Qmobile will launch with 512 mb ram :P ) the processor is also almost similar there is no difference between 1 ghz dual core and 1.2 ghz dual core  except A6 as it has 1 ghz single core processor & rom that i also 4gb in each of them and user get upto 2gb .

Now come to the problems. A6  had lot of problems and some are solved but the main problem it has that the apps in internal memory cannot be moved to SD card this problem is not solved yet.

A8 i think the most famous phone by qmobile with no big issues except with the Viber problem that is now solved , is also effected by a battery problem. A8 user those who bought recently faced the battery problem they said its battery is like A2 very poor timings.

A10 the stretched version, Qmoble just increase the screen size i.e 5” and installed ips disply that is not very impressive , some users quoted that it does not support 1080p videos .

A9 another latest invention Qmobile (totally flop) it has a very poor battery time a user told that he has to charge it twice a day . Further, its back cover is made of very low quality material disliked by the users . its just like Qmobile wants to replace A8  with A9 i guess that’s why its screens size is similar and they just put a led screen.

A11 i would say same  as A10 with just only HD display added. (useless )

NOW come to the final result i will recommend you to stick wth the A8 as its has only battery problem so battery can be replaced in future , while all other piece of craps like A6  with serious issue , A10 stretched version , A11 and A9 its waste of money, in price range of 16000 to 20000 rs you can go for some other branded phones new or second hand that are free of problems and errors .


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By Mohammad Asad ,

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  1. I'd beg to differ, while i haven't used other Qmobile A series phones, I've had the A9 for over two months and would be happy to report that I've had absolutely no issues with it. Yes the battery might be a concern, owing largely to the fact that the screen is benchmarked better than the rest of the models. I've rooted the phone, I've put custom roms on the phone and so far it's stood up to a lot of battering from my novice ventures. Just an opinion.

  2. Why did'nt you consider A5 classic??? if you have any info about it please do let me know especially tell me if it has a same memory confusion like A6 or not???

    1. The above mentioned Post is by M.Asad not Me if you mistakenly think, A5 Classic still in a confusion slot cause none of the user is telling about so without going and checking personally I cannot say about it.

    2. Shahzaib Sohail A5 classic is a good set. No memory card issue Can move apps to memory card through apps2sd. Has approx 1gb for applications and rest is memory card. No viber issue and battery is more than just good coz it is 1700 mAH. Now the weak points.
      The biggest weak point is that the icons in a5 classic are not like previous a8 and a10. They are a bit different which i didnt like because they look a bit childish and not so good . The other thing is its buldging camera which is a bit more out then the normal back which can result in scratches on cam. And remember its single core but doesnt matter if not a heavy gamer.

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