QMobile Noir A11 Images and Benchmark Result.Updated!

Thanks to Afaq Khalid for providing the images and the Information, so let’s get started and get to know A11 a little more, first with the user’s comments

Afaq Khalid – Sharing Is Caring member

  • display is almost crap … very very poor battery time , u hav to chrge it twice a day

  • n noir A9’s battry time n display is very very good , found new features on it as new music player , TV output , some new options in settings n very bright display

    These are His Remarks about this phone.



    TV OUT Feature is back in market yet I do not have more information concerning it but this Noir Phone has the same feature as Noir A2. Lets check out the Out door result of the camera1361787944469So Far the Outdoor result seems like Noir Family Camera isn’t it !

    How about the Indoor Result ?


    It’s almost alike any other Noir Series phone I have came across uptill now, there no major difference. Noir A11 is 2nd unwanted phone of this season which shouldn’t have existed right from the start because of the same Specification 512MB ? I don’t know why Q Fellas aren’t able to understand that this RAM isn’t enough for Gamer nor heavy user at all, time to switch to 1 GB or maybe 2 GB.

    Specification of the phone I have posted earlier way before it was released so you can hunt the post on INCPak site.


    Here are some new Benchmark results

    A11-BM-113626018637801362602163682Thanks to Kashif Ur Rehman for providing screen shots of  Benchmark results.

    Suprizingly the Benchmark results of these phones are Good ! rest not knowing the Technical Information about the Hardware but let me clear one thing to all the visitors that ROOTING Method is gonna be same for all, since they are the same breed , No Difference !

    Official Price Tag : 17500/- PRK ( Price has changed so confirm now ) Updated

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    Thanks ,

    May Allah Bless Us All. Ameen.

    Farhan Imaan

    Qmobile Noir A11 Note Review by incpak com

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