INCPak added Qmobile A600 Stock Rom Backup, Having Stock Rom Backup is always essential sooner or later everyone needs it.

Thanks to Saim Choudhry for providing the complete CWM Recovery Backup. Download and extract the file and you can restore it using CWM Recovery

Download LINK 

A600 Stock Rom!7hZz0AaR!sESHUKi8_bKci6sBHXwuWJVz_FNiYlLq4ADVG3UsftU

NOTE : INCPak is not liable for any damage to your phone or any mistake by done you.



No error has been encountered while flashing this , Hamza Yousaf From INCPak has already Test Flashed this ROM.


  • Saim Choudhry – For Providing Backup


If you need technical assistance regarding this backup or any other reason kindly refer to our forum

Recently INCPak initiated INCPak Clinic Forum  URL  and to increase more interaction between users, previously we had our Clinic ” Group ” on the Facebook.

This time we have established our forum, which is helpful for newbie and the geeks. Our Forum is not only about the Qmobile but we have expended to make it more useful concerning other gadgets like Xbox , Games , iOs , Windows and other Android Brand Phones.

The purpose of the forum is to share and discuss, solve the minor / major issues and keep everyone updated about the latest happening.

Our Facebook Page Sharing is Caring is active where the all sort of discussions carry out on the Facebook,  Don’t forget to like  INCPak Official Page on the Facebook and Spread the awareness, we believe in Sharing is Caring 🙂

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