Let check that what makes LeWa different from stock ICS and why it is better than that.

New notification pane with useful important shortcuts. Just pull down the notification bar and you can access all of them.Screenshot_2013-04-12-21-48-17


New desktop: focus on every visual detail. Weather Widget to learn more about the weather and time. A key clean-up tools to improve the performance of your phone, and positive energy bumper sticker to your strength. Perfect desktop editing, enhance the efficiency of shortcut icons and gadgets to create. The main menu automatically intelligent application classification, convenient to find the application.



Sliding app drawer


New Music Player

Online music at any time to hear heard, want to see, lyrics, artist pictures, album cover with songs to the user to enjoy.The adjustment is most suited to their sound, let the music more pleasant for your listening enjoyment. Powerful online search and music charts let you find your favorite music in a timely manner when idle.



New home style lock screen with Call, Message and camera shortcuts.

Screenshot_2013-04-12-22-29-47Music shortcuts appear on lockscreen when you’re playing a song. You no longer have to go back inside music player to stop or change  the songs.


Built In Smart Power saving and battery optimization:
When your battery drop below the set level(which can be selected manually) it itself switch off wifi, lower the brightness and turn-off navigation key leds.

Screenshot_2013-04-12-22-27-56 Screenshot_2013-04-12-22-28-29No need for App2Sd. 

Screenshot_2013-04-12-22-27-10and many other Other utilities



And finally wait is almost over the next post will be with Rom download link and instructions to flash.



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