INCPak providing you different flavors which makes your phoning experience completely different, till now Xperia , Samsung , Lewa been done on Noir A8 but some may want to revert back to STOCK Jelly Bean provided by Q fellas.


Taken from Pakgamers forum by newb1e

Steps To Flash QMobile Noir A8’s Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ROM:

In order to have Stock Jelly Bean on your Noir a8 you have to be Rooted First and must also have ClockWorkMod Recovery ..

Download all the files from the links below (boot.img, recovery.img, system.ext4.tar, nandroid.md5) and put them in a folder named “a8jb” without quotes. Or any other name WITHOUT spaces. Make sure you download via a download manager to not corrupt them.

Place this folder on your sdcard inside: /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/, So that all files can be found in: /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/a8jb/

Turn off your phone and start it in recovery mode by pressing volume UP + power button.


Choose wipe data/factory reset
Go to advanced – wipe dalvik cache
Go back again – mounts and storage – format /system
Go back to main menu – backup and restore – advanced restore – restore /system
Choose the folder named “a8jb”, as in my case ..
It will start MD5 check and restore the system partition image. Restart your phone and enjoy the Stock Jelly Bean Experience

boot.img :…M5UEZfbkE/edit
nandroid.md5 :…01anpnWlU/edit
recovery.img :…1sb0FvZ0U/edit
system.ext4.tar :…?usp=drive_web

I’ve removed the MD5 checking mechanism of CWM by emptying nandroid.md5 file. If md5 sums are present inside nandroid.md5 file, CWM gives MD5 mismatch error, even if the MD5 sums are correct!

Below is the original nandroid.md5 file which contains MD5 sums for above backup files. Replace this with the empty one only if you want and then try the system restore. It may give you an error.(Do not forget to rename it back to nandroid.md5 before flashing) ..


Here are some more Screen Shots ..

Its a Bloatware free ROM ..
As I have deleted some pre- installed Apps that either use unnecessary storage space, as we don’t usually use them, or they create problems if we try to update them later ..
But still if you want the apps, I have uploaded them for you ..
Link for Apps i removed :…dHb05qRjA/edit

*Procedure of ROM Flashing is taken from labandroid(dot)com ..

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  1. I found the method to root a8 stock jb.. just search for "how to root noir a20" on google and follow the method… i did it and have sucessfully rooted my noir a8

  2. Were you on ICS Stock when you installed this ROM? I am not able to install it. It says Error while installing /system. I am on TouchWiz JB..What should I do?

    • yes I was on ICS but I think it doesn't matter. Do not format the system in mount and storage as directed in the description. It gives error. do a normal restore by only wiping data, cache partition and delvik cache and restore from backup and restore..

  3. will this method work on this stock rom for rooting

    Steps for rooting QMobile Noir A8:
    Download and extract THIS archive.

    Set phone to USB debugging mode from settings and connect to PC. When Windows ask for drivers, manually choose the location of the folder Noir A8 USB ADB drivers and install the drivers.

    Remove the cable, turn off your phone. Connect again to PC while it’s off, it will again ask for drivers. Now install driver from folder: Noir A8 preloader VCOM (thanks to max414 from PG for driver)

    Now turn it on and still keep in debugging mode. Navigate to the folder “Root_script_by_Bin4ry_v15″ and open Runme.bat. Follow the instructions (choose Normal mode) and you’ll have a rooted Noir A8! Check for superuser app and it should be in the app drawer.

  4. plz plz plz.
    tell us proper procedure for rooting this stock rom.
    it is working amzingly only bad thing is we cant root it with the procedures gave above.

  5. So here is my experience.. the rom was bug free. there was no battery draining issue or heating issue..
    i was able to get about 34 hours of battery with sms and calls only
    rooting procedure were failure so im reverting back to my previous rom…. until a rooting is available

  6. not so cursed like incpak said it was.. battery is working like all other JB roms.. and there is no heating issue

  7. Ok I hv succeeded in restoring the system backup by not formating the system in mount and storage. But this rom is not pre-rooted andi hv also tried the rooting method of ics but it didn't work. is there any way to root it??

          • Battery seems good. Rom is very fast and quadrent score is 2998. only problem is rooting without which it is useless to me…

          • INCPak Team not ignoring the post, but it is the stock Rom as you mentioned earlier like any other INCPak ROM which it isn't we are not liable of this Rom just shared and it has battery draining issue since its STOCK 4.1.1

          • Please INCPak guys every ROM has battery issue of Jelly Bean. That's why I use Mizwa and avoid Jelly Bean. One thing is right that JB 4.1.2 is less consuming than 4.1.1 but not by much (only little difference). This is because Jelly Bean's Project Butter and the added Google Now uses battery more than normal. Making phone smooth impacts battery. You can't blame Q guys (and I know you aren't blaming them) for this because they didn't make stock for QMobile, they took it from another companies phone which is same as Noir A9. Q guys don't care they just get hard cash and don't care about phone's battery backup and stability. The just want the money. And the Noir A9 doesn't have a good battery. The best would be atleast 2500 mAh battery. The company that made the software is Gionee. Even the QMobile PC Tool is made by Gionee. They just changed logos and all. But I won't care about this anymore because I am selling my QMobile and going for Windows Phone Lumia 520/521 or Xperia Sola.


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