Qmobile Noir A9 Images Benchmark & TV OUTPUT Video

First of Thanks Saud Meerani who provided the Images of Qmobile Noir A9 here you can see the Out door result as well as indoor camera result along with other images of the phone set. Now let me make one thing clear that there is no battery issue reported in this phone like Noir A8 3rd Batch release, So those of you are looking forward to buy new Noir A8 should go for this option.

Here’s a video of TV OUTPUT Feature of Noir A9 , Shared by Muhammad Asad Mughal


NoirA9-OutdoorSo Far The Out door result is Good enough on Auto.

A9-indoorThe Indoor result on Auto making a little blur and pixels but that can be tuned.

Noir A9, was less than expectations I know but phone is doing fine since I am comparing it with A8 which I am personally using, Yet the user has not reported any issue with the internal memory nor the details but which are printed on the Box here’s the images.


Qmobile provided the same accessories with the phone, specially I focus on Headphones which are very low grade, compared to Mp3 player built in which is good enough to give you quality music no doubt.


The Rear Camera View of  Noir A9.A9-CameraThe side view of the Noir A9Sideview-A9

This is to give better look at Noir A9, So far I have negatives about this phone specially since A8 Battery issue been completely disappointment, I would try my best to get my hands on this and give Video Review of Noir A9 and check the Screen Quality and overall material which means alot, I hope it’s not disappointing as A10, but Good as A8 which has gone through Drop Test too.

The Benchmark test Result of Noir A9.


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Farhan Imaan

INCPak Team.


  1. Sir plz can u tell me how noir a10 can be connected to tv……even it needs a android update plz tell


  2. my wifi feature is not working.it is connected.but does not open anything on internet.and tv out feature is also not working,what is the procedure of it

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