Qmobile Noir i9’s stock Rom’s  Camera result is so far so good, it’s not bad at all, specially in the day time.  I’ve posted these images on the visitors result since they wanted to see and some of them even said the camera result isn’t good :/

Here are the Snaps taken by QMobile Noir i9

To show you the Camera Result, none of the image been edit, it’s just the way it was taken.


Qmobiel Noir i9

Qmobile Noir i9

QMobile Noir i9

QMobile Noir i9

QMobile Noir i9

All these images Resized and compressed , that’s it

Now you cannot compare Qmobile Noir i9’s camera result with Xperia or Nokia Lumia obviously !

Meanwhile, let’s put some light on Heat up issue, personally I am not facing hell heat up issue, although my usage useful apps active including skype and viber, but phone doesn’t get much heat up. Since I am not a gamer, I don’t know what exactly it does while gaming but INCPak Team Member Ali Jee and Ali Akber Mustafa are also using this phone.

Qmobile Noir i9 is cheaper as compared to Noir A900 or Noir A900i, There could be several reason behind it, In the comments one said that ” Battery is poor that’s why phone gets heat up ” well I doubt on poor battery but Phone gets heats up that’s true when you are using it on full swing like gaming specially.

As far Ali Akber Mustafa said ” When I compare this phone with QMobile Noir A20 , It gives me less battery timing, Camera result isn’t good as Noir A20 “ However Ali Jee’s response is still awaiting.

Why this phone is cheaper I am sure new processors are cheaper but the benchmark and overall score of this phone is way better than A900, even I’ve checked A900 which is more Pocket friendly sized smartphone I prefer Qmobile Noir i9.

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