Qmobile Noir i9 HTC Sense ROM Download Links

INCPAK presents to you an another custom rom for Qmobile Noir i9. Its Noir i9 HTC Sense ROM which is much faster and much smoother than all other ROMs for Qmobile Noir i9 presently. You can find download links and installation instructions for this ROM in this post.

To check the features and screenshots of this ROM kindly refer to its teaser post here:


  1. Xenon Lacdang for original development of this ROM for MyPhone Agua Rio.
  2. Ali Akber Mustafa (INCPAK admin) for porting this ROM to Qmobile Noir i9.
  3. Farhan Imaan (INCPAK admin) for testing.
  4. Syed Ahmed Ali Shah (INCPAK senior porter) for bug removing help.

Download Links:


Installation Instructions:

NOTE: Before proceeding keep this in mind that complete backup of your ROM should be made before installing any ROM through custom recovery after rooting the phone. We wont be held responsible for any damage to your phone if it explodes or laughs at you when you install the ROM without following proper instructions.



  1. Root your phone and install custom recovery by following this post here:
  2. Make a full backup of your ROM through your custom recovery by turning off your phone and turning it on by pressing VOL UP + VOL DOWN + POWER button all 3 at the same time. Then you will get an option for going into recovery by pressing VOL UP key. Make complete backup when you successfully enter into recovery mode.
  3. Go into recovery mode and go into WIPE option and press WIPE ALL . Then press WIPE DALVIK CACHE.
  4. Now go back to main menu of recovery and press INSTALL ZIP . Now select INSTALL ZIP FROM SD CARD and find your ZIP from your sdcard and install it.
  5. Reboot your phone and install your new ROM :)

Setup Viper4AndroidFX Engine:

  1. After you boot into your new ROM open the Viper4AndroidFX app
  2. It will ask you to install drivers click yes and select Super Mode
  3. Now restart your phone and open the app again
  4. Check the enable buttons for V4SpeakerFX in phone speaker and V4AFX in Headset and also Enable the Firequalizer in both
  5. Now when you use your music app go to sound effects and select Viper4AndroidFX as default.
  6. Enjoy the new awesome sound on your phone.

Known Bugs:

  1. Single SIM support only
  2. Storage info is completely incorrect as it shows 16gb storage which is false
  3. In messaging app you may experience text limit reached problem when typing a long text. Solution to this problem is to install a 3rd party messaging app like Handcent SMS that is one of the best messaging app for android. You can download Handcent SMS from google play from here:
  4. Camera app may show you 6MP only when the preview size is selected as full screen.. If you switch preview size to 4:3 then you will get the 8MP option back.. But as far as our experience 6MP also gives same quality but bigger resolution pic than 8MP option.
  5. If you experience anymore bugs kindly report to us for its solution.

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  • Sd card not supporting in this rom...it shows that sd card is unmounted... tried many times but in vain... so kindly tell whatz the solution....????

  • no roms from your site work on my noir i9, it boots up, then just black screen after incpak logo this is same for all your roms for noir i9.. kinldy need your help. i flashed kitkat using your tutorial (myphone rio one) the only custom rom that works is cleankat v3 from xda.

    • INCPak forum is placed on Facebook now you can join and share your issue team will assist you.

  • Aoa brother ist of all excellent work done . Love it and Love this rom . Keep it up bro ..
    Please make bug fix for dual sim broooo ... m waiting .. <3

  • Well i brought i9 2 days ago and today i saw this awesome post for i9
    Actually i had htc and m a big fan if htc sense
    Can you pleasee tell me if this rom is totally fine and stable..
    Thanks & nice work

    • yes it is a stable rom completely... only main prob is single sim support only in this rom... rest the little bugs are already mentioned on the post

  • antutu benchmark, screenshots lgao is kay

    aur dual sim support hai? ager nai hai to bugs me q nai mention kia?

    • Kindly read the whole post it says to refer to teaser post for the features of this ROM. and its mentioned there already....

  • Its just a CRAP. continous restarts ,launcher force close bugs ,If aesi he roms bnaty ho ap to bnana chor do ,Aesi developing mei b kr leta hu

    • Go on try ur luck :) and it works fine with our members your phone is out of the league .BUY A NEW ONE

      • Nyc way to overcome ur defficiency...check camera pixels ,its only 6mp while i9 supports upto 8mp ....install anyother launcher and then stock launcher will force close...

        • We dont have any deficiency. We work for you guyz whatever we can ,if u cant appreciate it than atleast be respectful...
          Ya it shows 6mp but also there is something like resolution in this world... 6mp will give you good resolution pic while u can also select 8mp option in it but it will give u lesser resolution pic. For selecting 8mp select PREVIEW SIZE as 4:3 and you will get 8mp option and it will be the same resolution as you get in stock camera app..
          And for launcher we didnt try any other launcher as its own launcher is too good. If u r using HTC rom u should use its launcher too.. Otherwise you can mod the launchers n all in stock too...

Published by
Ali Akber Mustafa

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