QMobile Noir i9 KitKat Root Method

This time, INCPak brings to you the root procedure of KitKat on QMobile Noir i9 which was released a few days ago. Rooting the ROM is completely different than anyother method used before to root QMobile Noir i9 and the requirements for rooting your QMobile Noir i9 is provided down below alongwith the whole procedure with screenshots. Please make sure to follow the procedure exactly to avoid any breakage/damage to your QMobile Noir i9.





 QMobile Noir i9 KitKat Root Files (MEGA link)

Disclaimer: Neither me nor any member of INCPak TEAM shall be held responsible for the damage caused to your device unless you exactly follow the procedure.


  1. Download both the files from the above links onto your PC.
  2. Extract the file Q-i9-KK-ROOT.zip onto desktop or some place convenient.
  3. Inside Q-i9-KK-ROOT folder, there will be a zip file named Root for RIO 4.4.2(Flash This).zip, copy this file onto your Qmobile Noir i9 Sd-Card.
  4. Then Extract the other downloaded file named SP FLASH TOOL.
  5. Inside the folder SP FLASH TOOL open flash_tool.exe. We assume that the drivers are already installed from the link in Requirements.
  6. When SP Flash Tool is opened, click on Scatter-loading button. (If you don’t know how to open Scatter file, follow the screen shots given in the link above in the Requirements section.)
  7. Then goto the folder which you extracted earlier named Q-i9-KK-ROOT and select MT6582_Android_scatter.txt and click Open.
  8. Then Click on the Download button.
  9. Now, Power OFF your QMobile Noir i9 and Pull out the battery. Connect your QMobile Noir i9 to your PC without battery.
  10. The process will start and if the drivers are rightly installed, it will end in few seconds. There will be a Green Tick confirming the completion of the procedure.
  11. Now Disconnect your QMobile Noir i9 and INSERT the battery but DO NOT POWER ON YET.
  12. Now we have to put it to Recovery Mode. To do that follow the next step.
  13. Press Vol DOWN + Vol UP + Power Button together for a few (say 5 secs) seconds and when device powers ON, release the buttons and press Vol UP button again to get into Recovery Mode.
  14. Now click on the Install Zip button. Then click on Choose zip sdcard.
  15. Now select the Root for RIO 4.4.2(Flash This).zip file that we copied earlier to Sd-Card and then select YES to start the installation.
  16. After the installation is complete, go back to Main Menu and click Reboot Phone. It may ask you about Root access possibility lost. Fix? Just click Yes.
  17. And it’ll boot into rooted KitKat on your QMobile Noir i9 with SuperSU installed.



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