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As promised, INCPak is advancing in i9 ROM development. We know that all the i9 Owners wanna play with devices by installing an trying new ROMs each day and new tweaks every now and then, so, that’s why we have uploaded the stock ROM. For those, who are facing trouble in their device, in custom ROMs, who forgot to backup their stock ROM and are now stuck on Custom ROM, this Flashable Zip is available for such.


  • Purely Stock ROM (includes INCPak Logo)
  • Nothing removed or Changed
  • Pre-rooted


  • QMobile Noir i9
  • Need to be rooted
  • Custom Recovery Installed (Either TWRP or CTR(CWM))

To root and install custom recovery on your device, click on the link below and follow the procedure precisely:

How to Root Qmobile Noir i9 and CWM Recovery


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p4c4_downloadlogo MEGA Download Link


*Keep in mind that INCPak will be not be Responsible for any damage to your device. However, we assure you that this ROM has been completely and fully tested by INCPak Officials.

  • Download the zip file i9 Stock ROM from the link .
  • Move/Copy the zip file into the SD-Card.
  • Boot the device into recovery. To do this first power-off the device. When the device is fully powered off, press the Vol UP + Vol Down Power button together and then press Vol UP button to enter Custom Recovery. We will be using CTR(CWM) Recovery in this procedure.
  • At first, make backup of your current ROM by pressing Backup.
  • After the completion of backup, go back to Main Menu.
  • Click on Wipe. Then click on Pre-flash Wipe (WARNING: This will wipe all your data)
  • When the wipe is complete, go back to Main Menu.
  • Click on Install. And then click on Install Zip from Sd-Card.
  • Select the downloaded ROM which was placed in SD-Card earlier.
  • Let it take its time to install.
  • When the install is complete, go back to Main Menu and click on Reboot.
  • Wait for the device to reboot into Stock ROM.
  • Enjoy!


  • Ali Jee – INCPak Member (For Making and Testing This ROM)
  • Farhan Imaan – INCPak Owner & CEO (For Further Testing)


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  1. Every thing is working fine but when I update the file it says “Installation Aborted”
    And one more thing my android is resting saying No Command. What should I do?? Please help me

  2. dear never upload on mega.co. i have tried more than five times to download this stock rom but always fail. please upload on good server without problem.

  3. Haha, this Is a good news that I found your website. Now I can play around with my I9 knowing that a tested stock rom is available thanks to your efforts. I really appreciate it.
    Sir, I need your guidances on making max usage of this OTG FUNCTION. Due to phone layout I can charge or use otg, not both. I would like to know which USB charger accessory (has both USB-power out and USB-b-device in) is compatible with i9 phone.
    I called qmobile but they were cluelesst and said no accessories were available. I asked about aftermarket chargers but they knew nothing. Please help through your team.
    By the way, how are u liking the phone? I am quite happy overall, but wish that they would increase internal memory instead of giving free 4gb sd card with the phone. I also wish there were higher capacity battery options.
    Are you preferring miui? The stock rom is not has too much bloat.
    PAKISTAN ZINDABAD! And thanks.

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