The Qmobile Company’s  next strategy is to step further ahead by introducing  QTabs in Pakistani Market. Yet there is no official verdict about QTabs but I can assure you, Qmobile not gonna bare Galaxy Note 3 for long since they have successfully knocked down High-end smartphones with Budget friendly phones.

QMobile in the past tried to add this word ” NOTE ” in Noir A11 but that wasn’t successful at all. Since they’ve launched A2 650Mhz first Android Smartphone till Now Z3 The 1.5 Ghz Quadcore 16 Giga built-in memory. It’s quite easy to notice from their past experience what’s cooking in Q Kitchen for 2014.

Million Dollar question, if they launched QTab what would be the price?  I think to keep up with market trend they have to launch least 50 percent less than Samsung Galaxy Note else they will be in big trouble. QMobile need to make good strategy before launching  QTab or QNote because in Pakistani Market price matters the most.



Who actually buy the Qphones in Pakistan, either the person who cannot afford high-end Smartphones or in simple words Sensible person, ” Sami Ur Rehman said this 🙂 well I agree with him, those who aren’t interested in wasting money just for the sake of the Brand Name.

Not all the Qmobile Android Smartphones been successful, they kept confusing customer by throwing over and over again almost the same specification and features, externally people do not notice the difference but those who keep the knowledge knows well that MTK processors is what Qmobile gets in Pakistan from China.

Where as Qualcomm ( snapdragon ) processors are much faster and efficient yet none of the Q Noir series got one.

Android re-defined Phone usage by adding almost everything essential right in your pocket, after which person does not want to use PC and Notebook, It was just the budget friendly strategy which made Qmobile successful in Pakistan.

Nowadays we get to hear about VGO TEL , Voice , GFive and other God knows brand names in the market – These are all competing Qmobile and GFive in the past been perfect rival too. Some of the best Models launched by Qmobile are :-

QMobile Noir A2     ” 1 Ghz “

Qmobile Noir A5

Qmobile Noir A8     ” Best Dualcore phone “

Qmobile Noir A9

Qmobile Noir A6

Qmobile Noir A7      ” Battery king “

Qmobile Noir A20   ” A8’s replacement killer “

QMobile Noir A900

What Q fellas need to focus on, The Quality first of all, Camera result people are sick of 5 MP and 8 MP camera’s which hardly work as 3 MB compared to any branded phones, adding more features and by giving good accessories I always had problem with the earphones they aren’t good not even close to something in which person can enjoy MUSIC and badly they need to improve there Customer Service because that’s the most frustrating part once you get in Qhospital.

Always read on the net about the mobiles, ask for the suggestion before you buy Q or any other brand smartphone. Since December 2012 INCPak been keeping not only update about the information but we’ve made the history as well by porting and rooting all the Qphones till dated.

Let’s hope for the best in the future by Qmobile, I call it Qnote and QTab let’s see what do they come up with.



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