Retro lcd Android Theme (Video) !

Readers of a certain age will remember the way LCD screens looked back in the early 90s. We’d never heard of color LCDs – that would have been witchcraft plain and simple. LCDs were dingy little grayscale things that you saw on clocks and mediocre handheld games. Still, there’s nothing like some nostalgia in this age of pocket-sized supercomputers, right? MyColorScreen user z3u5 posted a classic LCD theme for custom Android launchers recently, and it’s a seriously cool effect.nexusae0_l_lcd


This theme can be applied in various launchers like Nova, ssLauncher, and Go Launcher. You’ll need to download the resource packs from MyColorScreen and apply the theme and backgrounds in your launcher. The icon pack has most of the apps you’ll need, but you might have to make some adjustments. Not all themes have an LCD-style text, so you might have to remove the icon labels (otherwise the effect will be ruined).

Designer z3u5 has shown off this fantastic retro LCD home screen, complete with icon pack, digital font, and even a cracked display “dock.”

To get these sweet digs on your device, here’s what you’ll need:

LCD-(by-z3u5) Android Homescreen Tutorial ! by incpak com

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