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Complete List of products is here.

The confusion about the people continues as is all set for the Mega Sale on November 9, Here’s how INCPak explains it. The sole purpose of this sale is to bring new customers those who have never ordered anything online before, Online Shopping experience at the maximum discount as possible, This sale will surely create awareness about Online Shopping in Pakistan at 99% discounted rates which we’ve never seen before.

This sale is considered as the biggest sale ever any online store offering in Pakistan, earlier we’ve seen discounted rates and 50% Off but can it be more than 99% off .

POST UPDATE spicing up the even, once you buy any item for Rs 9 you can take the snap of the invoice and share it on your Facebook Timeline as well as Twitter with #Bytesrs9Sale for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy J5. offering 99 Items for Rs.9 only !

Why selling products so cheap on November 9 Mega sale?

It’s very simple to understand, Instead of spending tons on marketing  campaigns they are giving away at lowest rates as possible to the customers so they get to know about Online Shopping. Obviously no product comes for Rs 9 which means only going to benefit from user engagement meanwhile Many people still have never shopped online in Pakistan and through this sale hoping to make them try for the first time with minimal risk.

How can I purchase a product at Rs. 9?

You would need to apply a coupon to make your cart amount to Rs. 9 (excluding Rs. 100 shipping charges)

Where is the coupon?

Coupon will be available next to product exactly at 9:00 pm, so don’t wander around there website until the clock hits 9:00.

Can I purchase only one product with coupon?

You can purchase only 1 ITEM.

Will coupon expire in a few mins?

There’s no time limit on expiry of coupon, but there is stock limit. Coupon will be valid as long as the sale quantity is available.

What time Mega Sale will start on ? 

First it was told that the Mega Sale will start at 9 pm PST, but yesterday confirmed that this sale will start from 5 pm later some of the products which require coupon will be added on 9 pm and as long the stock lasts Mega Sale will continue so there is no time restriction.

Which Products will be on Sale 

The sale will be on all day on November 9 with numerous products on sale all day, but at 9pm will be our main sale with 99 products market down to Rs.9 will include mobile phones, T-shirts, Hoodies, Power banks, Mobile phone cases, Data cables,  Micro sd cards, earphones and chargers.

How can I buy/order a product for Rs 9 ?

Simply just visit at 5pm onward and find out the complete list of products that will be available. Some will directly marked down to Rs. 9 while others will require a coupon at 9 pm the deal will go live. Make your ID on , add your product to the cart and proceed to checkout normally.

Where can I get the coupon code?

Coupons will be posted on website and Facebook page.

How to make an account on

Just signup via this link Bytes Signup.

Which products are up for sale?

The list of products will be posted at 5PM at 9 Nov. Keep an eye at that time.

How many products will be available?

The Product availability depends on the stock, has confirmed  99 items will be on sale with as many as 300 units per product will be available, though some products might have quantity as low as 20.

What will be the delivery charges?

Delivery charges will be Rs.100 and will be charged on whole order not a single product. If the order exceeds Rs. 750 delivery will be absolutely free.

Are there any hidden charges/taxes?

No except for the delivery charges you have to pay nothing else.

How many items can I order?

Number of items per person will be limited in order to accommodate as many people as bytes can.

November 9

Note : Things which you have to keep in mind

  • You cannot order same product multiple time.
  • Some products will require coupons and they will shared on Official Facebook page and website on 9 November.
  • Only 99 products are on sale.
  • Better make your ID before November 9 mega sale so you can order as quick as possible.
  • November 9 Mega Sale will continue as long the stock lasts.
  • Once you get the order number means you are done, wait for the confirmation call from fellas.
  • The products quantity varies on item to item, from 300 to 20.
  • You can only order from website.
  • Delivery Charges Rs.100 will be added on any order below Rs.750/-
  • Delivery will be made across Pakistan.
  • Order confirmation and dispatching may take little while 2 to 8 days required to reach at your doorstep. november 9 sale


And by the way takes on Twitter for updates and latest offers  @BytesPk  don’t forget to follow. So next time you can ask them about the products and stay updated on Twitter easily.


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