Scanadu Scout – Health Scanner

The Scanadu is a small, round scanner that takes a person’s vital signs and sends them wirelessly to his or her smartphone. It seems to have hit on an unserved consumer need for medical empowerment.

What is the Scanadu Scout ?

Scanadu Scout™ is designed to be a medical grade Tricorder® using your smartphone and Bluetooth LE to emulate an Emergency Room in your pocket.

What Scanadu Scout can measure ?

Whether you’re a Quantified Selfer, life-logger, Maker, medical student, techie, MD, parent with kids, parent with parents, teacher, educator, baby boomer, data scientist, pilot, mountaineer, athlete or mathlete…

How does Scanadu Scout works ?

Simply place the Scanadu Scout™ on your forehead for 10 seconds and in a snap, your stats are displayed on your smartphone. Scanadu Scout™ gives you access to valuable data which your body provides every day. Don’t let your precious information get lost; use Scanadu Scout™ to analyze, track, and trend your vitals with unprecedented simplicity. The Scanadu app will come in Android and iOS versions. It will support Bluetooth 4.0, more specifically Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Low Energy (LE). The Scanadu Scout™ uses a micro-USB adapter that you can hook up to a USB port. It takes less than an hour to get fully charged from low battery. When using it a few times a day, it will last for about a week. A damp towelette or disinfecting wipe can be used to wipe down the Scanadu Scout™ after use but it is not waterproof.


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