Slim POP Rom for QMobile i9

Slim POP rom for QMobile i9 is here, The Modified version of this rom – Now Syed Ahmed Ali Shah Sahab is modifying Roms and this one got some tweaks, Android Kitkat based Rom is working flawless, No bugs reported by #AhmedAliShah .

Sharing the Screenshots before and after modification.

Qmobile Noir i9 has tons of Custom Roms, you can check  Tech Talks > INCPak Roms you will find Roms there.


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Slim Pop Rom for QMobile i9

Modified Version

Slim Pop Rom for QMobile i9







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Credits :-

Syed Ahmed Ali Shah                              Screenshots + Rom

Farhan Imaan F.Abro                           Post

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  1. nice work..could you link it to my video review on youtube please? at least give me the credits? that is my work..and link it to my blog, as i will do when port any of your roms..better work together dont you think? :) thanks, #smokermanXDA.

    1. Sir I have already mentioned about you in our forum. No doubt your work is the perfect one. It will be an honor to work with you

      1. thanks for your kind words..not the perfect like any other, just trying to give my best..i need another developer help to fix my DIALER fc in HTC SENSE ROM ported from your phone..if anyone can help reply to me.

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