Smartphone Notifications by Way of Smell? This really sound interesting and gives us the hint, what future is going to be like, how the technology re-defining almost everything  ” Innovative ” I must say.

Watch the video you will get the clear picture, It’s really smart ……

Forget your cell phone’s old alarm or message alerts that only makes a noise —  boring. Now you can wake up to a smell with the Japanese app Scentee.

“It’s the first scent accessory for smartphones, and it plugs right here on the headphone port. … Now, let’s take a look at the app here. As you can see, there’s three different buttons with the central one that’s actually going to deliver the scent.” (Via Engadget)

Smartphone Notifications by Way of Smell?

Smartphone Notifications by Way of Smell?

It also has an LED light that blinks when the scent is released, and you can choose your favorite color for that.

“Do you imagine that it will be quite successful?”

“Imagine your favorite pop star can send you a message that has got a smell.”

“One Direction fans around the world would actually be going crazy for that.” (Via BBC)

The Scentee comes in a variety of scents and, uh, flavors, some of which include apple, strawberry, jasmine, mint, coffee, corn soup and beef rib. (Via Scentee)

OK, so who would want their phone smelling like a rib? Well, the company markets those scents to people who find it hard to stick to their diets.

“Let’s say you’re a woman on a diet. Obviously calories are not an issue.” (Via Scentee)

The device will be available in Japan as well as the U.S. through Amazon. And while the Japanese market seems pretty well-adjusted to the odder spectrum of invention — case in point — some American’s don’t seem so open to the idea. (Via Engadget)

“So you’re eating your crappy salad, and then you’re going to  smell like beef ribs. In my world, that wouldn’t work.” (Via KTVI)

“Shannon, I’m seeing that, and I’m thinking, ‘Don’t get me that for Christmas.’”

“I know, I don’t think I want my phone smelling like beef ribs. I’m a little scared by that.” (Via WGHP)

Well, whether you’re open to the idea or think it stinks, the Scentee, available for both iPhone and Android, will launch Nov. 15 for $35 on Amazon.

Your Views about This Technology and upcoming app ???

Source : Engadget

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