Snapchat App Stories allows user to post to other apps

The social media company Snap Inc. is now allowing users to post directly to other app using a few feature called the Snapchat App Stories that it launched today almost an year after it was first announced by the company

Snapchat App Stories App Stories
Snapchat App Stories now allowing users to post Stories to other apps.

Users who have third party apps along with Snapchat can link their accounts with these other apps and post their stories directly to these apps.

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The company is now allowing other apps to use the Snap Kit that is the code to build Snapchat integrations in third-party apps to create the option to share stories originally created on Snapchat to their own apps.

Snapchat Stories App Stories
App Stories.

There are currently four apps that make use of the Stories feature and Snapchat integration and these include:

  • Hily, which is a dating app that will have the functionality to post Snapchat stories directly to its own Hily Stories feature.
  • Octi, which is another social media platform now capable of posting Snapchat stories.
  • Squad, is a screen-sharing application used to watch videos and use apps together and will allow users to share Snapchat Stories with each other.
  • Triller, a music app that will allow artist to share their Snapchat stories to this app.

More apps will be supporting this feature very soon as there are over 150 partner apps using Snap Kit and as soon as the feature is rolled out to other apps users will get the option to share their Snapchat stories to these apps.

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