Stock Rom Jelly Bean 4.1.1 for Qmobile Noir A8

INCPak been providing all the roms including stock one’s we had some issue with Qmobile Noir A8 Stock Jelly Bean, we grounded the post as well as the ROM link, currently we are testing what caused Status 7 error in CWMR and we even tried TWRP but both of them seems failed to work end the user end, however we’ll be releasing Stock Rom once again, without any changes.

The Status 7 issue was reported by many visitors those who downloaded the ROM, which is why the post grounded, if anyone of you have a CWMR or TWRP backup which you would like to share with the users, kindly contact us on INCPak Troublshoot Lab on Facebook.

INCPak been one of the most authentic and reliable source of Information and verified ROMs, so we want to ensure that the Stock ROM should be bug free and easily can be ported back when the Noir A8 users are willing to sell off their phones.

The Alternative Backup already Exists :

For easy navigation, I should mentioning you, that all the Roms which are by INCPak are in the category  INCPak Roms  :-   Tech Talks > INCPak Roms

Stock Roms are available in :- Tech Talks > Stock Roms  which other Roms which are tested verified and checked by INCPak are in :- Tech Talks > Custom Roms

To make it more convenient, we have categorized each one in different category, mean which are working on new Roms as well and we report on TroubleShoot Lab as well as via Teaser when testing is on going.

Make contact on the INCPak Troubleshoot Lab with Ali Akber Mustafa or  Ubaid Ur Rehman Khan regarding Stock Jelly Bean 4.1.1 for Qmobile Noir A8.

It would be appreciated if anyone of you provide bug free Stock Rom, we’ll add over here for all with your Credential.

Thank You.

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