Tesla receives 146,000 pre-orders for its Cybertruck

Tesla unveiled it’s new Cybertruck recently. The unveil went a little unexpected with the whole window shattering that nobody at Tesla expected but despite all that, Elon Mush remained confident.

Tesla has revealed that it has already received 146,000 pre-orders for the cybertruck in the first 48 hours. Also, with the $100 refundable charge for the pre-ordering, the company has already made $14.6 million for the cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck

According to Musk:

Musk also stated:

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There are technically 3 versions to the Cybertruck that are going to be offered. A single motor – rare wheel drive for $39,900 with 250+ miles, a dual-motor – all-wheel drive with 300+ miles for $49,900 and a tri-motor – all-wheel drive with 500+ miles for $69,000. It does without saying that the single motor has the least power. Here is a screenshot from the Tesla website detailing the specs.

Tesla Cybertruck Single Motor Specs
Tesla Cybertruck Dual Motor Specs
Tesla Cybertruck TrI Motor Specs

Customers ordering the CyberTruck will have to wait a long time for delivery though. The Single and Dual-motor versions of the truck are said to leave the assembly line by late 2021 whereas the Tri-Motor version isn’t expected until late 2022.

However, this pre-order strategy has been used by Tesla for a long time now helping the company with short term revenue. The same thing happened with the Model 3 in 2016 with the car getting almost 276,000 pre-orders in a just a few days after it’s unveil.

Although the Cybertruck has been the center of jokes around the internet after it unveils and unusual design, the pre-order numbers still prove that Tesla has a lot of happy and loyal customers as well as early adopters for it’s technology.

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