TikTok expanding parental control features

TikTok is introducing more parental control features providing options to monitor your child’s account as well as decide what they can see on the short-video sharing platform.

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TikTok expanding parental control features.

The new TikTok parental control features let you place certain limits on your child’s account so that only their friends have access to their profile or the ability to contact them in anyway on the application.

Parents will have the ability to limit or restrict who can leave comments on their child’s video or see their liked content. Moreover, there is already an option available to restrict direct messages as well.

Furthermore, parents will now have more control over the search feature on the application by limiting or restricting some terms, users, hashtags or sounds to make the platform more secure.

These new parental controls are part of TikTok’s Family Pairing feature which allows parents to connect to their child’s account and set the limits. However, the app does make it possible for kids to disable the feature any time, although parents do get a notification when that happens.

TikTok has always been working hard to make the application more family friendly but the nature of the content available still remains debatable, although the app’s management is constantly removing videos that violate their community guidelines.

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