Twitter “continue thread” feature introduced

Twitter has now come out with a new feature that will make is much easier for users to update old tweets by connecting it to new ones.

Twitter Continue Thread
Twitter introduces “continue thread” feature making is very easy to link new tweets to old posts.

The feature is called “continue thread” and unlike before where the micro blogging platform did allow users to connect multiple tweets while composing them, users can now connect new tweets with an old post way easier than before.

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Here’s how to use the new “continue thread” feature:

This is the newest way to create topic threads of tweet storms and although some people have had this for a while, the feature wasn’t global and not everyone had it. It has however now been released to everyone and if you don’t see the new feature while making a tweet, check for updates to your Twitter app

This “continue thread” feature however is only available on the Twitter app.

Twitter has also recently acquired a California based company called Chroma Labs that develops tools for short video and photo creation.

The Chroma Stories app is used by nearly 615,000 users and lets them fill in stylist layout templates and frames for posting collages and more to Instagram Stories, Snapchat and other apps.

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