Viber issue resolved Specially for all Noir Series Users

Viber never worked properly on almost all Noir series phones, except Noir A5 ( Actual One ) 650Mhz, that was the only phone on which Viber worked smoothly as well as GPS was faster than any other Noir Series phone.

Personally Myself I am using Noir A8 and had this issue of ( ROBOTIC VOICE ) due to which I uninstalled Viber and I switched on to Alternate FreePP: Call & Message which worked fine, today on Sharing Is Caring Monis Khan shared the solution that Older version of Viber works fine on all Noir Series phones going through entire procedure on that website I download the APK file and uploaded on for you all, so you can download without any hassle.

Kindly Report the issue If any after this version’s installation, first uninstall the latest version than Install this APK and Go with the flow , That’s It .

For further Discussions join  Sharing Is Caring Facebook Page where we all discuss and help out each other you can even join the INCPak Forum which Is Ready to Rumble !

Personally Tested checked Verified on Qmobile Noir A8 !

Recommended by Faree =)

Download Link  Viber APK

It’s working fine so kindly DO NOT UPDATE the Version !

Take Care for Now

INCPak – Farhan Imaan


  1. @farhan_imaan:disqus Viber sound issue has been resolved by VIBER itself, last night i check for update and thr it was, i updated my VIBER to 2.3.4, in its change log *Option to use your device’s sounds instead of Viber’s*, thr it is, after i update, i turned on the option of System Sound instead of VIBER in its *SETTINGS* then i called my cousin in Qatar, and the sound was crystal clear, looks like they resolved it, i m using Qmobile Noir A8

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