Viber updated version robotic issue resolved call quality issue now.

The  Viber issue which previously resolved by using old version of Viber worked on Noir Series now the Latest new version of Viber also works fine on Noir Series Phones. Personally tested and verified ! but there is problem with New Viber, It’s constantly changing the Call Quality grades when it reaches Poor means RIP call ends or no voice, you have to dial back again.

In the Previous old version on Noir Series, it works fine apart from the bug it has but this new version has out of my understanding issue, since I tried on Wifi connectivity and called continued for an hour with Mohammad Asad who’s Tech Talk Expert here on INCPak we had same Issue although he was  connected via Noir A2 and me using Noir A8.

Overall Viber is working fine, as a messenger and Calling but this Call Quality drops so frequently that one has to bare it, I haven’t tested on GPRS which is normal way since we aren’t carrying around Wifi with us everywhere.

If the problem of this Quality changing continued than I will switch back to old version which atleast was better in connectivity wasn’t dropping or making silent as ” POOR ” Call Quality.

If you are using Viber on Noir Series please share your feedback, are you also facing same issue on updated version of Viber?

Now viber issue is resolved but Call Quality means alot because 1 MB net connectivity and than again voice call  Quality changes grades on the screen and on RED POOR drops, simply it makes me wonder.

The Alternate which I mentioned in the post earlier worked way better but It didn’t had too many options for smiley and emotions which made it feel DRY.

Rest keep me updated with your views and comments Join Sharing Is Caring that’s where we are on the Facebook .

May Allah Bless you All.

Farhan Imaan .

INCPak Team , Tech Talk .

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