What is Tsu DOT co ?

Amir Qadir ( INCPak Youtube Crash Course Instructor ) explains about Tsu.co A Social website which pays back to the users 90% of the income earned from social interaction, most of the people want to know about this site because overall it sounds interesting however in reality things are really odd.

It is a website created by some bunch of idiots providing an offer that whatever they 90% will be provided back to users in term of tree
E.g : direct referral will get a % upto level 2 tier and so on?

How one can earn money on tsu?

All you’ve to do is to sit back and post shitty stuff and work like facebook, One thing is for sure at facebook you’re here to entertainment or whatever stuff you want but when you’re on tsu your intention is just to earn money.

Is it good and a free money?

Yes as long as you consider that yourself have no worth and cannot utilize your time. then you can work on.tsu and can be proud yourself of earning few cents after working entire day.

How one can money without paying or joining any type of course?

Courses are good as you will get all at once, and a support as well… But still if you don’t want to pay and want to learn and you’ve got a lot of free time then start googling and close facebook and work

Tsu.co is no more than a begging website and you’re a beggar there because everyone will assume that you’re a failure to earn online and now the only social platform available for you is Tsu to.make.money (just like iqra university)

Even you could.make $10/day by working at any restaurant and there is nothing bad in mehnat and hard work.

Honest review By Amir Qadir

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