Buckle up for 2014, Branded Companies are gearing up gadgets enhancing technology by simplifying it and making toughest tasks easy as 1 2 3. Before 2013 started I shared about what’s ahead in 2013 and I was damn right about each single thing I mentioned this time what’s next in 2014 giving over view about the stuff which are already been tested and will be available in 2014.




Processors :

Octa-cores and optimized processors with 64 bit architecture will offer better multitasking capability and high energy efficiency.

Miniaturization of chips leads to faster and better technology which could be used effectively for high end processes bridging the deficit between personal computers and phones.

Clock speeds up to 2.5GHz-3GHz

Display :

2014 to experience Ultra HD (3,840×2,160 resolution) and WQHD (2,560×1,440 resolution) with pixel density of 500 ppi and more.

Active 3D Technology will be the next buzz.

WiFi :

Wi-Fi 802.11ac to be the New Norm with better connectivity even in thin network environment and lower power consumption. Bluetooth Smart Ready, or generation 4.0 will be available with same 100-metre range and speed (26Mbps) as Bluetooth 3.0 but with higher energy efficiency

Operating System : 

New operating systems based on open source model will emerge strongly.

Existing operating systems: Updates will support multitasking with ease, seamless integration with multiple devices for entertainment & productivity.

Identity Module :

Smart devices equipped with new hi-tech sensors and cameras to enable fingerprint recognition and smart eye-tracking will enable our body to become the new identity/ password for transactions, check-ins, smart inputs etc.

Eco Apps :

2014 is all set to experience a new evolution of the app ecosystem with specific/targeted solutions.

From movie rental/purchase, e-books download, Live TV, apps with improved location targeting and supporting personalization will create new vistas of smart device communication.

Apps for specific needs will transform the phone into self styled boutique catering to every sector of the society and enhancing everyday life.


Smartphones and Smart gadgets has made the interaction easy for everyone 2014 not gonna vanish low end phones ( Java only ) but definitely you will see huge progress in Technology as the year gets on.

2014 as I define is going to be the year of Cores :p cause the processing speed will rapidly increase and gonna get faster. let’s see

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