WhatsApp brings call waiting feature for iPhone

Facebook the company that owns WhatsApp has brought a new feature to the app. WhatsApp users will now be notified about an incoming call while they’re already on a call. The new Call Waiting feature is only available for iPhone as of now. The new version is WhatsApp 2.19.120 and has already been rolled out to devices bringing new features.


With earlier version before this new update, the WhatsApp user was not informed of an incoming call if the user was already on a call on the app and the caller was told that the other user is busy on another call.

The new WhatsApp feature will inform the user of an incoming call while being on another call and will also give the ability to accept or reject that call.

There are plenty of other new features brought to this update by Facebook to their WhatsApp application. Some of these include a new chat design to easily go through messages or the ability to send messages directly from the braille keyboard while in voiceover mode.

The other feature that gives the ability to choose who can add a user to a group is now being rolled out to everyone. You may have already heard of this feature but it was only released to a select number of people with that number gradually increasing but now it seems that this feature is starting to roll out to everyone with this new WhatsApp update.

You can enable this new feature in settings. Simply go into settings and select account. After that go into the privacy option and select Groups. There you can choose what to do and select one of three options that are available. You have the option to allow “everyone” to add you to the group, only allow your “contacts” to add you to a group or you can select all your contacts and allow you to a group and add exceptions for a few.

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