WhatsApp Dead Worldwide

Whatsapp the number 1 worldwide free messaging service is now dead all over the world. News are pouring in from all over the world from every people about their whatsapp not working.

Currently the system shows this status:

whatsapp dead

Whatsapp was just bought by Facebook for $19M recently. Does this thing means facebook was not able to beat the fastly growing free messaging service so it bought it and shutted it down? Or is its just maintainence of servers happening but how is it possible without notifying millions of users worldwide?

whatsapp dead

The service which has never let any user down ever till it was in the hands of Whatsapp INC is now giving a worldwide problem to all the users . Is Facebook to blame for all this?

Share your news in the comments if your whatsapp is working or not currently and what do you think about it.

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