WhatsApp new features – Disappearing Messages, Dark mode

WhatsApp beta version 2.19.275 brought some new features forward recently though they were still under testing but it got a lot of people excited. These WhatsApp new features included Disappearing Messages and Dark mode for these beta version users.

WhatsApp new features Dark Theme Disappearing Messages
Disappearing Messages in beta 2.19.275.
Disappearing Messages in beta 2.19.275.

This screenshot from the 2.19.275 version shows Disappearing Messages option in the group settings on WhatsApp and first it was assumed that it might be coming to WhatsApp in general allowing everyone to use it in private and individual chats too but according to new information provided by WABetaInfo that might not necessarily be true.

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The Disappearing Messages feature seems to have been renamed by WhatsApp in the newer 2.19.348 beta update to Delete Messages and it seems as if WhatsApp isn’t planning on introducing the function to individual chats but rather just add this to Groups only.

WhatsApp new features Dark Theme Disappearing Messages
The Disappearing Messages feature renamed to Delete Messages.

According to our source WABetaInfo, it seems as if the new feature is more of a “cleaning tool” for groups. Based on information provided only admins of groups will have access to this option.

If someone does want to use this function individually they would need to create a group with that person and turn the option on in order to have that message deleted but this will most probably not be available in the private and individual chats.

Now coming to the other new feature that many users are eagerly waiting for and that is the Dark Mode or Dark Theme for WhatsApp. For now, this feature only seems to be available to select beta users however, there is work being done on this feature and will be available sometime in the future.

WhatsApp new features Dark Theme Disappearing Messages
Dark Theme in WhatsApp beta.

Although for now there is no exact release date by the company for Dark Mode or Dark Theme.

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