WhatsApp new features rolling out to beta users

WhatsApp new features are said to be rolling out to its beta users including the WhatsApp dark mode among others. In a recent report by WABetaInfo on their blog, WhatsApp is very close to rolling out the dark mode to its final stable version. However, right now the dark mode feature is only available to a few users on the beta version of the app.

WhatsApp dark mode feature is still under development but the company is moving closer to actually releasing it but however, right now there is no official news on this from the company as to when this might be. Although it is safe to assume that it might not be too far off now since WhatsApp new features are rolled out quite frequently.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp dark mode is also nearly set for release for the iPhone but there are still some kinks to work around as it is still unstable.

WABetaInfo stated addressing the above issues:

WhatsApp can fix these in 15 minutes. The real problem is that we don’t know when they will do.

The WABetaInfo blog also said that the WhatsApp dark mode might somewhat be visibe at the moment saying:

When you share something in WhatsApp, for example a photo from your Camera Roll, you see the Dark Theme!

WABetaInfo also reports some other WhatsApp new features that are likely rolling out soon. One of them is that the messaging app is working on making itself compatible with iOS 13 meaning it will now be compatible with many of the iOS 13 features.

Another feature that’s likely coming out soon is the Delete Message function which is essentially a message with a timer. The feature is coming to Android and it will allow users to set a time period to a message and it will be automatically deleted after that as if it didn’t exist.

Some of these features are reportedly already out to select beta users so it might not be long before they are officially released.

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