Xiaomi working on smartphone with removable display

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is working on a smartphone with a removable display according to a patent that was such secured the company for what seems like a really bizarre smartphone design.

Xiaomi removable display, removable display
Xiaomi working on smartphone with removable display.

The news about this new Xioami smartphone with the removable display was originally shared by LetsGoDigital according to which the smartphone will comprise of two separate parts which include the main structure and the removable part which is the display.

Xiaomi removable display, removable display
Xiaomi’s smartphone with removable display. Pic taken from LetsGoDigital.

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The display can be detached to function independently as it has its own power source where as all other components of the smartphone will be the part of the main structure or body including the front camera and earpiece.

Based on the diagram and the report, the front selfie cameras on the Xiaomi smartphone are also placed under the removable display leading to a completely bezel-less design with no notch or hole punch.

However, it is still too early to confirm anything as there no official news and the company might not end up going forward with the project at all. We all remember Google’s project Ara which was something similar and the whole project ended up being scrapped by the company.

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