Xperia Z V2 for Noir A7 , Noir A8 , Noir A9 and Noir A10

Once again we are proud to announce that Xperia Z  V2 is ready and being prepared for Qmobile Noir Series , Noir A7 , Noir A8 , Noir A9 and Noir A10. This time we’ve successfully Rooted and added Noir A7 in our Custom rom fleet.

 Yes Noir A7 is in the fleet as well and we are looking forward to add A5 Classic and A6 as well. I must mention those of you don’t like INCPak Logo or inside menu, kindly don’t bother to download at first place because we are not charging anyone for anything but INCPak deserves its share to stay there, we are not responsible for any mistake or damage to your phone, after testing and verifying we release it so there is no shouldn’t be any trouble at all.

What’s new about this Rom ?

We’ve speeded up — The Previous version of Xperia Z was bit of laggy, but this time we have managed it much efficiently, ofcourse the credit goes to Ubaid Ur Rehman Khan INCPak Team member who’s constantly making new possibilities. On the Sharing Is Caring Facebook Page, shared the video yesterday that was just to give an idea how this Rom is, Check out the video

The Screenshots of Xperia Z   V2 .

Don’t point on IMEI invalid that’s not an issue at all, very soon it will be released for all 4 smart phones, just hang on. Your views and suggestion are valuable let us know what do you think, since we’ve the Lewa and TouchWiz both been outstanding in performance we are looking forward to add more phones like A5 and A6 as well in the fleet.

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