YouTube is down worldwide, users unable to play videos

YouTube appears to be down worldwide with users unable to play videos on the streaming platform’s site as well as their mobile apps.

YouTube Down, YouTube, YouTube Down Worldwide
YouTube is down worldwide, users unable to play videos.

However many services like DownDetector show the streaming service as up and running but YouTube itself has acknowledged that it is having issues with video playback.

Taking to Twitter, the video streaming giant confirmed that YouTube is down worldwide and said that a team is working on the issue and hopefully things will be back up and running.

“If you’re having trouble watching videos on YouTube right now, you’re not alone – our team is aware of the issue and working on a fix.” said team YouTube on Twitter.

It is pertinent to mention that the issue is affecting other services that make use of the YouTube infrastructure, including YouTube TV and the movies and TV shows you purchase through Google TV.

UPDATE: After remaining down for over one hour, the the video streaming service is now back up and running normally along with all other related services linked to the infrastructure.

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