4 Reasons Why Every Pakistani Should Travel to Japan

Life can be very mundane in Pakistan, and going abroad to travel is very important. It’s widespread for Pakistanis to travel to Dubai, Qatar, Turkey and even Iran, but we think you need to consider other countries for travel like Japan. Before you search for a Japan visa for Pakistani people, let’s look at some reasons why you should travel to Japan.

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Mount Fuji – One of the 4 reasons every Pakistan should travel to Japan – Photo Credits: Jay

1. Sleep in Capsule Hotel

We are all too familiar with the traditional hotel room. In Japan however, everything is unique and different. Here you can rent a capsule in a capsule hotel. These capsules are miniature sleeping pods that you can sleep in. Unlike traditional hotel rooms where you have a bathroom all to yourself, here you will need to use a communal bathroom. Although it would be fair to say that these sleeping pods aren’t claustrophobic’s dream, but they are remarkably comfy for the average man and have lockers and shelves in your own pod to store your belongings.

2. Don’t Miss Out on the Food

Japan is the birthplace of sushi. Though there are some Japanese restaurants in Pakistan, you have to admit that the taste of the dishes there will never be similar to the taste you would get in the country that originally created them. Japan has some fantastic restaurants where you can try some delicious foods like sushi, ramen, tempura, kare raisu, shabu-shabu, miso soup and a variety of kawaii desserts like the water cake, dango, mochi, and taiyaki. You can even find halal dishes. One great thing to note is that Japanese food is not fattening so you can eat as much as you like without worrying about gaining weight.

3. Visit Mount Fuji

Pakistan is home to the K2 and Himalayan mountain ranges and if you have traveled to these mountains, you would know what a majestic sight it is. Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan and it’s regarded as one of the holy mountains. If you love skiing, then you can ski on Mount Fuji. You would be surprised to know that the snow in Japan is the fluffiest snow you will find anywhere in the world. Moreover, Mount Fuji is regarded as one of the most beautiful mountains in the world and you will be amazed to see how each season transitions so appealingly to the next in the area surrounding the mountain.

4. Learn Some Japanese

Although we now have apps like Google Translate to help us get our way around with understanding text and verbal speech that is foreign to us. But if you wish to travel to Japan, make sure that you know not only know some Japanese beforehand but learn some more when you get there. This will help you interact with the locals and even assist with further improving your Japanese. Learning a new language is not only good for your brain but also beneficial in helping you get a job; you never know, maybe learning Japanese can help you qualify as an English teacher in Japan.

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