Qmobile A6 Poor GPS Fixed

Qmobile A6 have Poor GPS because
1 ) Take long time for cold start

2) GPS crashes sometime during cold start, as GPS Beacon disappears but the App keep running.

The 1st issue regarding long cold start is fixed,
The reason was Mobile could only utilize GPS (StandAlone) and unable to Utilize Assisted GPS because it is unable to connect to the Supl.Google.com Due to invalid SSL certificates at PATH /SYSTEM/ETC/SECURITY, i have tried various SSL certificates (SuplRootCert) but the output was same and counter productive.
Disappointed by google i experimented other SUPL servers as
#SUPL_HOST= glsupltls.glpals.com


#SUPL_HOST= supl.sonyerricson.com
some were working but slow but SUPL.NOKIA found best, and now using GPRS/WIFI connection my gps fix is less then 10 sec (skyfacing) once locked it will continue to be locked and you could use Sygic for Turn by turn navigation.

simply put the attached gps.conf file at the path /system/etc/ of your mobile, download from Original Threat http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=31545729
Note : The mobile should be rooted.
For Rooting use script Bin4ry.7z and follow steps at path given in the web link below, it will work both for A6 as well S2


Download Configure file GPS CGF

original post http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=31545729

Kindly post here your comments and Query Anjum Sohail will reply you here regarding this procedure if you are facing any difficulty as far GPS.config file is concerned server does not allow to post it so I will convert extension and upload it tonight.

And so share your GPS experience with Noir A6, since I am getting both types of response from the users on sharing is caring as well as Qmobile Dissusion Page on Facebook, Share the link with other users from here and Join INCPak Official on Facebook and Twitter @INCPak.

Thank you.

Farhan Imaan

Post by : Anjum Sohail

Email at anjumsohail@incpak.com

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  1. السلام و علیکم
    Nice guide. I'm facing such problem with A9 (Recently purchased). I also have HTC Rider and I compared both with Maps, GPS Test and GPS Essentials. A9 is very slow or not responding, while HTC was picking up the GPS satellites very quickly.

    I'm also using an app "FasterGPS" which requires root access on HTC. This also doing same as you suggested here i.e. downloading information and updating gps.conf file.

    But my A9 is not yet rooted. I know there is a root procedure, but I'm searching for Un-Root procedure as well, just to save warranty….

    If you can provide more details regarding, that would really be appreciated..


  2. All Qmobile pakistan and micromax india is same
    Qmobile Noir A1 = Micromax A44
    Qmobile Noir A2 = Micromax A45
    Qmobile Noir A8 = Micromax A90s
    Qmobile Noir A6 = Micromax A68
    Qmobile Noir A10 = Micromax A110

  3. The Encryption Algorithm for the Security password need to be checked on the WIFI router, and the same should be used on Mobile, different encryption algorithms are like WPA, WPA2, PSK, WEP e.t.c

  4. Salam. Can someone help. Wifi doesnt work on Noir A10. It says Authentication Problem. Ivve tried wifi with no encryption, but still it doesnt work? I dont know a thing about programming

      1. i have noted 2 problems in noir A6
        1- no file search option in memory…
        2- sms send to many not working…..

  5. Their might a problem with google the other day I couldn't open google android market on my tablet.

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