Qmobile Mobile Pakistan, Re-shuffled the prices, which is a good news for those who were or are willing to buy A8 or A10, previously the price tag was 19500/- of Noir A10 which is now 16500/- and 13800/- Noir A8.

To those who own must be sad or just bought it few days back, but Q Strategy seems to be making space for the upcoming Noir A9 and Q Note as I describe Noir A12 , expectation are likely higher than the specifications indeed.

There are hardly big changes in Noir A9 which would be launched in the market in upcoming days ahead, If the processor and the RAM remains somewhat the same than I would be difficult for Q to hold up market since GFive is progressing faster coming up with very budget friendly and economical Android devices.

However Qmobile, This time Q Thinkers are following the same rules by decreasing the price hike and making space for upcoming phones to be adjusted in the market with in 20,000 Pakistani Rupees as far as I am aware that Q Note ” Don’t know what to call it ” Noir A12 is not gonna be a formal phone but more likely Samsung Note specification and all I have already discussed so here I am going to repeat again.

The New Prices are active in Market now, so if you are willing to buy new set than remember A8 is 13800/- and Noir A10 is 16500/- Obviously It effected that resale value of these phones.

Here I would like say something to Noir A2 users, that better get rid off these phones since internal memory is pretty low that you cannot even update the existing apps in the phone like facebook which currently twice been updated and beside it Ginger Bread Time is Gone, so hurry up and say bye bye to A2 and get on A5 , A8 or A10 , 2013 lot more gonna change, we’ll be seeing Jelly bean OS and 2 GB RAM phones instead of 256 or 513 MB !

Farhan Imaan F.Abro




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