Afghan TV Presenter Mina Mangal Shot Dead in Kabul

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan TV presenter turned politician Mina Mangal has been shot dead in Kabul.

She worked as TV presenter, later on, joined politics was shoot at a close range on Saturday.

She was killed in broad day light. She worked for pushto language channel.

Interior Ministry statement released read as Ms Mangal was shot around 07:20 local time. She was on her way to work as an adviser for the Afghan parliament’s cultural affairs commission.

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Justice For Mina Mangal

A mother who is fasting & crying is demanding justice for her daughter #MinaMangal as she was shoot 9 times by the murderers who the family know. Her mother with tearful voice is asking Gov to give punishment to the killers

There is an out cry on social median over brutal murder of Mina Mangal.

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So sad to hear, Journalist& Advisor to the Parliament #MinaMangal assassinated today in Kabul by unknown person. She was a strong self made woman; RIP #Mina. She isn’t the 1st and wouldn’t be the last lost(unfortunately). Serious protection 4 female journalists! Is what we need

The investigation are under way. The motive behind her murder is still unknown.

One line of investigation suggest it could be family dispute.

Afghan women’s rights activist Wazhma Frogh has said Mina Mangal had posted on social media that she had been receiving threats.

She wrote
Can’t stop my tears at the loss of this beautiful soul. She had a loud voice, & actively raising voice for her people. In this Facebook status she says she’s threatened & she says she she trusts her Allah & that a strong woman isn’t scared of death. RIP Mina Mangal

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