Afghanistan starts Air Cargo Trade with China

KABUL: Afghan president inaugurates Air cargo trade route between Afghanistan and China, An aircraft flew from Kabul carrying 20 tons of pine nuts to Shanghai.

It’s our first air cargo consignment to shanghai, but soon we will be sending more afghan products to Beijing and Quanzhou, China.  

Afghanistan battles a deadly Taliban insurgency, while by improving links with markets abroad, the service aims to boost prospects for the growth of the farming and carpet-making industries.

The Land-locked Afghanistan trades 87 percent of exports shipped via Air cargo to India as Pakistan does not allow Kabul to New Delhi trade via land.

Earlier, The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and Foreign Minister visited China In which Afghanistan was discussed.

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Trilateral Talks

Foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said “The next meeting between Foreign Ministers three countries (Pakistan, China Afghanistan) will be held in Kabul soon.

Clearly hints china’s demand in  return of Relief Package which is being discussed today in Beijing. 

It is also expected that Kabul might demand Islamabad to open the trade route to New Delhi via GT Road as India is the far biggest export destination for Afghanistan.

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