Anti-Islam protest in Norway breaks out clashes between rival groups

Anti-Islam protest in Norway has brought up clashes between rival groups. The Anti-Islam protest rally was carried out on Saturday in Oslo the Norwegian Capital. The authorities were forced to end the event early due to clashes.

After Sweden now the protest has spread to Norway. A woman is seen tearing the pages of Koran and throwing them after spitting on them.

The Anti-Islam protest rally was organized by the group called Stop Islamization of Norway (SIAN), which took place near the parliament building.

The woman seen in the clip is a female member of SIAN who has previously been charged and acquitted of hate speech. Before ripping pages and spitting she was heard saying “Look, now I will desecrate the Quran.”

Anti-Islam protest in Norway

After the female protesters action clashes erupted, the counter-protesters started throwing eggs at her and attempted to jump the police barricades.

Some began kicking the police van and climbed on the van hood.

According to some reports, after the clashes broke out she was protected by the police while the media recorded the event. It is also believed she is also supported by hindu extremists through social media.

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The police used pepper spray and tear gas in the Anti-Islam protest to keep the two groups separated which can be clearly seen in the clip.

The police is said to have arrested 29 people many of them were minors.

Initially both the groups of protesters gathered in the rally were peaceful with people chanting slogans. The situation got out of control after the leader of SIAN group denounced prophet Muhammad.

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Anti-Islam protest in Norway

The protest in Norway comes on the heels of a similar incident in the Swedish city of Malmo on Friday, where protesters clashed with police after right-wing extremists burned a copy of the Quran. 

Crowds chanted “Allah Akbar” in Malmo, Sweden, after the “Stram Kurs” group burnt the Quran. According to police the situation in Malmo was chaotic, several cars were set on fire and police officers attacked.

Clashes erupted in Norway
Clashes erupted in Norway

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